Martial Arts and Combat Sports Techniques

There are many techniques that can be learned and used in competition and to help defeat your opponent. There are also techniques that can be used for training to help with strength, stamina, power and speed in order to have an advantage over your opponent. Combat sports are strenuous and can cause major injuries to those involved the best way to not let that happened is to be prepared and learn the different techniques of not only offensive skills but of defensive ones as well.

By learning these techniques you will be a better rounded martial arts fighter and can defend yourself better giving yourself a better chance of winning. Submission techniques are a good way to end the bout and possibly defeat an opponent that may be stronger, faster and more powerful but was not ready to defend against a submission hold.


Kettleball Training

There are a number of good tools for training for a mixed martial arts or combat sport event and one of the best is the kettleball workout. The kettleball looks similar to a cannon ball with a suitcase handle attached to it. This training technique is used to build strength and power. The exercises that use the kettleball are the Clean and Jerk, the Jerk and the Snatch. The kettleball is 70 poun...


Clinch Fighting

One technique many fighters use is help keep a superior fighter at bay is the clinch fighting tactic and clinch holds. This is where the fighters gets inside and tries to prevent his opponent from backing away and getting into a better fighting position to strike. At the same time that the clinching is going on the fighter can use his knees, elbows and hands to hit the opponent from close range...


Submission Techniques in Martial Arts

There are a number of techniques to use as submission holds against an opponent in Mixed Martial Arts three of those are the Gogoplata, Knee Bar and the Rear Naked Choke. The gogoplata is where the fighter pulls the opponent toward him a try a choke hold, with his leg crossed over his own body and hooked underneath the chin of his opponent the fighter pulls the opponents head towards him until h...


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