Submission Techniques in Martial Arts

There are a number of techniques to use as submission holds against an opponent in Mixed Martial Arts three of those are the Gogoplata, Knee Bar and the Rear Naked Choke. The gogoplata is where the fighter pulls the opponent toward him a try a choke hold, with his leg crossed over his own body and hooked underneath the chin of his opponent the fighter pulls the opponents head towards him until his throat is touching the shin and from that point continual pulling until the oxygen is completely out of the lungs.

The Knee bar fighter turns his back on his opponent as he is coming out of an opponent's guard and wrap his arms around the opponent's leg and isolates one leg and when the fighter falls away the torque is applied even more and as the fighter pulls further on the foot and eventually can hyperextend the opponents knee. The rear naked choke is executed by being behind an opponent and when hooked up it is deadly. On their back with his opponent facing away, the fighter wraps an arm around the opponent's neck and puts his bicep against the other. The fighter uses his other arm to push against the head of the opponent and wraps his legs around the flanks of the opponent and uses this extra strength to keep pushing his head against the other arm.



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