Martial Art Practice Equipment

Students can use a grappling dummy to train on. A grappling dummy is a human like statue that pivots on its base. It has outstretched arms in the form of a person forming a defensive position. Hitting it makes it to rotate, bringing its other outstretched arm to attack the trainee. The trainee needs to increase his or her speed to block this hit from the grappling dummy.

Some grappling dummies do not pivot and are flexible at the joints like normal human beings. These are engineered to seem like a normal person in a duel. Trainees also need to practice with a speed bag for punching. There is a huge choice of equipment that helps one practice punching on: normal punching bags, Thai leather bags, tear drop bag, aerobic wavemaster, freestanding bag, UFC Grappling bag, and focus mitts. These help in increasing the strength of blows, speed and accuracy of the hits.

A focus mitt needs to be held out by a trainer or co-trainers and has to be kept moving. Focus mitts are cushioned to stop the blow of a hit from reaching the person holding it. A few martial arts trainers train their students to be able to break boards and bricks. The boards and bricks that they break can be normally found boards. However, in normal boards there is a huge risk of injuring oneself. Hence there are trainee bricks and boards available that avoid splinters and avoid injuries.



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