Martial Arts and Combat Sports Equipment

Mixed martial arts and combat sports equipment is very limited once there is an actual fight. The only pieces of equipment needed by a fighter are gloves and shorts. Any other equipment involved is what was used in training to reach the point of fighting but the actual equipment for fighting is very little.

There are pads for shins that are used in training, pads for hitting an opponent with punches, grappling dummies for training, protective coverings for the hands to use while in training, leg kick pads and a Thai bag for kicking, hitting and punching. Movies show us that in martial arts, anything can be made into a weapon, from harmless things such as a chair to an antenna from a car. These are not exaggerations, indeed anything can be used as a weapon in certain forms of martial arts, everything depends on the creativity of a person.


Martial Art Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is essential for the workout of any martial arts participant. Participants are required to wear teeth guards or mouth guards, which can save the teeth from hard hits to the face. Mouth guards were adopted into martial arts from boxing. It is also important that a pair of shin guards is used in practice so no one get hurts. Another thing adopted from boxing is the face protector...


Martial Art Gloves

Gloves for the Mixed Martial Arts competitions are small and lightweight. For professional fights they weigh only 4 ounces and for amateur fighters they weigh 6 ounces to give more protection. Gloves were not used for a very long time in professional martial arts, but then a decision was made to make the sport more appealing to the public and try and make fewer stoppages of fights because of cut...


Martial Art Practice Equipment

Students can use a grappling dummy to train on. A grappling dummy is a human like statue that pivots on its base. It has outstretched arms in the form of a person forming a defensive position. Hitting it makes it to rotate, bringing its other outstretched arm to attack the trainee. The trainee needs to increase his or her speed to block this hit from the grappling dummy. Some grappling dummies d...


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